For the past seven years, photographer Steve Bennett and motion designer Luis Socorro have been collaborating on multimedia content designed to transport viewers to alternative realities. Their work has been featured on the 30-foot LED wall at CambridgeSide, on the 80-foot tall LED tower at the Boston Convention Center, and on the 160-foot wide LED screen in the Convention Center’s lobby. The following two Bennett-Socorro videos are the multimedia counterparts of the microworld images on this site.

Microworld Exploration 1
This video takes us on a virtual camera tour through the rich world of a spider’s web after a gentle rainfall. (Not to worry if you’re an arachnophobe—the spinner of the web had long departed the scene prior to the photo shoot.) Exploration 1 simulates how the scale of the universe might be perceived by a being trapped in one tiny drop of water. The actual section of web featured in the video is only a few inches at its widest and an inch deep. But to such a tiny creature, a journey through the web might seem like an interstellar voyage.


Microworld Exploration 2
In this Microworlds exploration, Bennett and Socorro take us on a journey through a patch of sweet autumn clematis vines after a light rain. The video was inspired by the discovery of a juvenile ladybug (wait for the cameo appearance) perched on a leaf amidst an incredible tangle of water drops clinging to the vine’s feathery seed-dispersal mechanisms. As in the first video, the goal is to provide a “ladybug’s-eye-view” of the universe.